The Wages of Hysteria

A comment at National Review Online:


As a Paramedic I see what is going on. It’s chaos. Much driven by the media and partisan politics. Not that there isn’t a chance our medical system won’t get overwhelmed….it likely will. Let me give you an example from yesterday. Paramedics are being dispatched to calls for people with Flu Symptoms. Paramedics have never been dispatched to Flu symptoms..we do not treat Flu Symptoms. EMT’s are being sent and they are transporting people with Flu Symptoms to hospitals. These people call 911, dispatchers ask a series of questions one being are you have breathing difficulty. I don’t know of any cold or flu that doesn’t come with breathing difficulty. This is normal. What this does however is risk having our EMS system break down by infecting people who are the last we want infected. Soon no one will be able to respond to 911 calls. I watched an EMT crew “walk’ a man to the ambulance. He is not in respiratory distress if he can do that. He may…but he should have called 211…spoke with the Hot Line….and only if he symptoms become abnormally worse should have have called 911. He thinks he has Covid-19 and will die..Instead of staying home and riding it out….he now will contaminate the ambulance which has to be cleaned before it can go back in to service. He will take up a bed in the ER..while they do all sorts of tests, stressing the system and likely be sent home. This is what media directed fear and partisan politics does. What partisan politics? There are some who claim the US will collapse…millions will die due to incompetence of the Administration. Not one Govt. has handled the virus…Not Cuomo not one other country….By their nature…viruses infect. It’s what they do. Politicians by their nature…wack the other side.

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  1. All Trump’s fault for not doing more to keep people calm.

    You just wait and see if the media doesn’t go after him for that!

  2. I have had a minor dermatologic procedure postponed until June. I am fine with that actually, partly because I am not entirely convinced it needs to be done.
    I am not fine with what has happened to some poor fellow on who commented on Instagram. He gave no details, but said his Mohs surgery had been cancelled. Worse, due to all the shutdowns, he is out of income and cannot pay the insurance to cover the surgery, which has been postponed anyway.
    Basal Cell and Squamous Cell cancers are usually slow growing, although SQC can turn lethal. Both can be disfiguring. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this man’s procedure was postponed. It makes no sense.

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