Cui Bono?

Well, this is interesting:

Reade was a staff assistant for Joe Biden in 1993, when she claims he digitally raped her. She told part of her story in 2019, when Lucy Flores wrote in The Cut about the inappropriate way Biden smelled her hair and kissed the top of her head. At the time, several other women came forward to say that Biden had touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable, including Reade, who said that Biden used to put his hands on her shoulders and run his fingers up and down her neck. Now, she has detailed what she says is the entirety of her experience with Biden on The Katie Halper Show.

According to Reade, Biden pressed her up against a wall and digitally penetrated her without her consent. “It happened all at once, and then… his hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” she says. She also remembers him asking “do you want to go somewhere else?” and then, when she had pulled away, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” Reade says that “everything shattered” in that moment and his claim that he thought she liked him made her feel like she had “done this” somehow. “I looked up to him, he was my father’s age. He was this champion of women’s rights in my eyes,” she says. “I wanted to be a senator; I didn’t want to sleep with one.”

Go here to read the rest.  Is it possible this happened?  From Hands On Biden, God’s Gift to all women?  Sure.  Can it be proven?  No, due to the passage of time.  A classic he said, she said, she did nothing about it at the time, situation.  A better question is why is this getting play in the mainstream media now.  Obviously Sanders supporters want to take Biden down, but there is nothing new about that.  If they were the only people behind this, why didn’t the story break sooner?  My own suspicion is that the powers that be in the Democrat party have become convinced that Biden is senile and that his condition is worsening, and that he is dead meat in the Fall.  They are laying the ground work for a dark horse candidate like Governor Cuomo to come riding to the rescue.  The problem for the Democrats is that this would cause a schism in the party and ensure that at least a plurality of the Sanders voters would sit out the election in protest.  I could even imagine Sanders running independent.  If Sanders were to be offered the Veep position and he accepted it, the problem would be largely resolved.  But I doubt such an offer would be made and I doubt if it were that Sanders would accept.  Stay tuned politics fans:  the dice are in motion.

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  1. What you saw with Gov. Northam et al (notably his Lt. Governor, against whom there was a passably cogent accusation of sexual assault), when the media discover a scandal is inconvenient to the Democratic Party (rather than just a particular Democratic office-holder), they simply stop reporting on it. Or never start.

    What’s bizarre about the intramural culture of the Democratic Party can be seen in the last several nomination contests. In this one, they had the choice of several men who had built businesses, a man who had been both a business executive and a state governor, and a state governor who had a history of successfully appealing to a red-state electorate. Only Michael Bloomberg among them made much of an impression on the electorate (and he felt compelled by circumstances to repudiate important successes in public policy). Instead, they fix on Bernie Sanders (who was a satisfactory mayor but has always been a crank and spent much of his life as both a crank and a n’er do well) and Joseph Biden (a man who has been mysteriously salable to electorates given his lack of assets and general clownishness and who is carrying mega excess baggage). Four years ago, the Democratic electorate completely disregarded three experienced executives (only one of which had some excess baggage) in favor of crank Bernie and the Hillary, the national gargoyle. Eight years prior, pretty much all the candidates were unsuitable except Bill Richardson; Richardson was ignored. Four years prior, they had three experienced executives in their line up (one of whom had built a medical practice and one of whom had been promoted to the flag ranks in the military) and disregarded them in favor of the John Kerry (poseur) and John Edwards (sociopathic ambulance chaser). Four years earlier, given a choice between two legislator-wonks, they pick the one with more scandals and lies sticking to him. Eight years prior to that, given a choice between a menu of experienced executives, they choose the least scrupulous and most oleagenous of the lot. It’s a testament to the problems in the political culture generally that they’ve not been severely punished for putting their worst foot forward time and again.

  2. “They are laying the ground work for a dark horse candidate like Governor Cuomo to come riding to the rescue.”

    That much is obvious. In just the last couple days, there has been buzz everywhere lifting up Cuomo as the knight in shining armor. I’m shocked this Biden scandal floated so early, however, because it’s still a long road from actually and officially pushing Cuomo to the head of the class and ditching Biden.

  3. My guess Dave is that as bad as Biden is in public, he is far worse behind the scenes, and that is becoming common knowledge among the leaders of the Party of the Jackass. One fly in the buttermilk is the assumption that he will go quietly. He might, but I doubt if Doctor Jill Biden will. This could get very ugly, very fast, especially since Biden’s black supporters have little reason to be fond of either Cuomo or Sanders. I could see Biden naming a black female Veep, and this turning into a very ugly civil war among the Democrats. Live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

  4. You raise a fair question about why this is getting play now. Some media outlets are mere poitburo propaganda outlets. It is possible that the weight of the perversion is sufficiently great that it simply can’t be hidden.

    There are some other weird things happening too, most notably is that Cuomo is speaking in lock-step with the Administration and commending Trump’s team for their support for New York. That is a 180 so something changed.

    Sanders is not getting any play at all and that is hardly surprising, both because he has nothing to say and because the DNC needs his candidacy to be over but no one other than Biden has any play either. Could it be that the media is so myopic that it simply can’t handle more than one big story at a time?

  5. To borrow an overused expression: what has happened to the supply chains of presidential candidates in both parties? I recall from my youth (beginning with the 1968 elections) a different situation: each party had at least a modest stable of governors and senators, with the odd congressman tossed in, of candidates who were at least plausible and free of obvious flaws and averaging in their 50s or early 60s. Now it’s a bunch aging dinosaurs and young nobodies: like a rock concert on a cruise ship. What’s happened to the middle?

  6. I was about to protest the article using “digitally” twice but then I looked it up and apparently it can also mean “in reference to the fingers” instead of just the internet.

    Imagine my immense confusion the first time. lol

  7. It’s a testament to the problems in the political culture generally that they’ve not been severely punished for putting their worst foot forward time and again.

    Nah it’s a testament to just how much of a benefit they get from the media’s constant interference running for the party. 😉

  8. “they choose the least scrupulous and most oleagenous of the lot.” Yeah and he was elected President and the Democratic / media darling well into mid Obama era.

  9. If it’s not on CNN/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS (and I don’t mean the news with the three majors, I mean the late shows), then it’s not on the radar of the typical Democrat voter.

    Even if we’re aware of it.

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