Something for the weekend.  Rosanna (1982) by the rock band Toto.  With all the grim current news, time for something light and fun.  I think the best cover of the song is by Perpetuum Jazzile, a Slovenian group.  I actually prefer their rendition to that of Toto.

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  1. Roseanna is one of those hits from 1982, the year I graduated high school – and the last girl I had a crush on from high school blew me off. Another on us the way overplayed Don’t Stop Belivin’, which I am now sick and tired of, and have been for years.

    Popular music from 40 to 55 years ago gets recycled a lot more today than the music from the Thirties and Forties when I was a kid. Then again, those that performed and listened to 1939s and 1940s music are gone now. Even the door wop bands are dead now ( a 50s teen is anywhere from late 60s to 80s now).

    Time moves fast, except for the young.

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