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  1. The problem isn’t science or the scientific method. The problem is the idolatry of scientism – elevating science into a religion and deifying one’s intellect – one’s ability to do scientific analysis – as a god.

    We rely on the fruits of science for all of our technological civilization. That trifling investment of fact as Mark Twain puts it has saved lives with medicines and food refrigeration and better farming and so on. It has given us great engineering capability to launch men into both outer space and the depths of the sea, and change even the face of the Earth. But sadly people have come to think themselves invincible by the works of human hands – no different than the hubris of the ancient Israelites when they rebelled against God.

    Again, the problem isn’t science. The problem is man’s pride.

  2. “The larger the island of knowledge, the greater the shoreline of wonder.”

    That’s the way of science. That’s the way a child of God should behave. Unfortunately today, those promoted by the media as “scientists”, are too often arrogant atheists.

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