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Now the shut down of the economy suddenly becomes a crisis for the media.  My heart bleeds.

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  1. “… right when the public needs them the most”.

    We’ve needed actual journalists for quite a while. The people being laid off by the likes of CNN, however, haven’t been practicing what I’d call journalism for years.

    Partisan hacks and propagandists have families too, and I wish them well in these hard times, but there’s a reason the trustworthiness of today’s mainstream media is polling so low these days. For Pete’s sake, even Congress is ranked higher in trustworthiness among Americans.

  2. Journalist have done very little for the common good of our country for a long time. Focusing on today’s issue of this virus, it seems every news media has their own ‘medical expert’ who gives his version of what is happening, what needs to be done and how we will be doing in the end if this pandemic continues, in their words, uncontrolled.

    From everything the media has done in the last 4 years to destroy the President, I have absolutely no trust in anything any one on TV says about this virus. Yes, it is infectious and yes it kills, but it will kill millions upon millions? We have no hospital beds available? This is the beginning of the end? Get a life. We will get through this and maybe, just maybe without the media coming out unscathed for all their lies and fear mongering simply to destroy the President. The news media has been completely unhelpful during these times but private citizens have. The “Great Unwashed” have shown themselves light years ahead in compassion and mercy for each other than the media could ever conceive of being.

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