I completely agree with my friend Jay Anderson who wrote the above.  In my opinion this national lockdown needs to end soon, certainly no later than May 1, or we will be entering for the next few years a reprisal of Great Depression II, with far more havoc than the Black Sniffles for ten years could cause.

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  1. The President needs to rein this guy in, sooner rather than later. He’s a swamp reptile who religiously adores computer models and has no concept of the real world. After all, HIS livelihood and fat government pension aren’t threatened.

  2. @Frank – To be slightly more charitable, for someone in his position there’s no downside towards getting it wrong on caution, but there is the other direction. If he’s overly cautious and the economy tanks? Who’s going to blame a random doctor? Besides proving an action as overly cautious is really hard in anything but war and games. But if he let’s everyone out of their houses and millions die? Bodies lay stacked in the streets? Then he will be crucified in the media and go down in history as the man who got millions killed.

  3. “HIS livelihood and fat government pension aren’t threatened.”

    That’s true for most of this. Most – not all, most – who are being hit hardest by these measures are not the ones who are insisting on these measures. Think of Bill Gates saying we need to shut the whole country down. Period. That’s easy for Bill Gates to say. Like Global Warming, I’m seeing a lot of people demand actions that will hurt everyone but them. That’s when my little warning flags begin to pop up.

  4. This is completely impossible. Politicians and the government can’t adjust the earth’s temperature and they can’t stop viruses.

  5. Virus’s come and go but government overreach is likely here to stay. The amazing thing is how easy it was to get people to give up.

  6. Nate– your charitable impulse is laudable. I really mean that. But even in being charitable you highlight the main problem: the calculus you posited is based solely on how Fauci believes he will be perceived. Which is probably indeed what he is most concerned about.
    I’ll be charitable toward him later, after he can no longer ruin my country’s economy, perhaps beyond repair.

  7. I may have missed it, but I am not aware of anyone asking Dr. Fauci what his concerns are about the health hazards of economic downturns.

  8. What threat do you suppose would scare the “decision makers” more?
    People don’t have anything better to do so they’ve started reading:
    A) Capital and The Communist Manifesto
    B) The Road to Serfdom and The Constitution of Liberty
    C) Two Treatises on Government and The Federalist Papers.

  9. @Frank – Oh my point was that if you take the malicious interpretation OR the charitable interpretation, the end result is going to be the same. Sometimes we just have to remember that people’s positions and experience make it nigh impossible for them to see things from another’s POV. Especially when it comes to priorities.

  10. Communist China epitomizes what Don’s video about ‘the road to serfdom’ shows.

    Give up everything for national control & planning.

    Let’s all pray & hope for the quick & absolute collapse of the Communist regime in China.

  11. Better still, let’s all pray & hope our national experiment with national control (of your movements) and planning (how to combat a virus) comes to a quick and absolute end.

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