Schools Out

Not the least of the terrors of Lockdown Nation.

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  1. ok … let’s try penmanship – quietly – upper and lower cases, printing and cursive – the entire alphabet in order before and even after recesses.

  2. My Catholic school is using distance schooling these recent weeks and I teach 7-8 Science, and 8 English, Literature and Religion. Fortunately, they are older kids and it’s the third trimester. Heaven help me if I have to start this way in the fall!

  3. Pull quote from the above article: “While it appears that President Donald Trump has placed these controls with hesitation, other powers-that-be greatly enjoy this clampdown. ”
    My oldest has trouble understanding that some people are just out for power. (Except Orange Man, of course.) That is what they do. He believes Gov Whitmer and AG Nissel of Michigan are acting reasonably, even as they destroy small businesses, forbid Jo-Ann fabrics from selling items needed to make the soon-to-be-required face masks, and has forbidden Menards Hardware from selling paint, because painting the house while under this wretched lockdown is non-essential.
    His reasoning is they too will eventual suffer under economic collapse, so it is not logical for them to destroy the economy.

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