Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Derferl-Gadarn

“When there were at Camlan men and fighting and a host being slain, Derfel with his arms was dividing steel there in two”.

Prior to entering the religious life, Saint Derferl-Gadarn was a warrior of King Arthur and fought as a mounted man at arms at the battle of Camlan where King Arthur died.  He eventually served as abbot of the monastery at Ynys Enlli, Bardsey Island.  

A wooden image of his was used almost nine centuries after his death by the cruel Thomas Cromwell to burn Franciscan Priest Blesed John Forest at Smithfield on May 22, 1538.  No doubt the old warrior monk gave a hearty welcome into the Kingdom of Love Eternal to the new martyr.  The enemies of Christ pass through History;  by the Grace of God the Catholic Church is a Rock in the tides of History.

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