April 7, 2020: US Death Toll

Just to keep track of the nonsense that has wrecked our economy and generally made our politicians run around as if their fool heads were on fire, each day I publish the corona virus total death toll in the US based upon the latest data I can find.  A single death is an immense tragedy if you love the person.  However, we are not talking about love, but rather public policy, which should always involve a sober analysis of risk and cost.  Please recall that in a bad normal flu year our death toll in the US can be as high as 90,000.


Note:  this will be a total death toll since the beginning of this bad farce, and not a daily toll.  As of the beginning of April 7 the death toll is 10,943.  May the Perpetual Light shine upon them.

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  1. Saw something interesting– somebody noticed the odd numbers coming out of NYC, and so they looked up how the flu usually breaks down for infections and such, by who leads the state.

    Discovered that it usually is about even.

    Found that if you don’t count New York and New Jersey, the kung flu follows the same pattern.

    But kung flu behaves massively different in NJ and NY…..


  2. To date, US Wuhan Flu fatality experience is 33.16 (10,943 / 330,000,000 * 1,000,000) per million.

    Yesterday, the rate for my village was one in 16,000, or 63 in a million. Yesterday morning, driving to our son’s house we saw emergency vehicles and lights three blocks north of his house. Later that afternoon, we were talking over the fence with his neighbor – the village police commissioner. We learned the 62 year-old man in the house up the street suddenly died of the Wuhan Flu. Many years ago, the warden had worked with the man’s RN widow.

    Our son now works from home and we ‘babysit’ for our ADORABLE, one-year old granddaughter when his RN wife is at work She’s in the neonatal intensive care unit (the census is up) and has not been floated out to a COVID ward (basically the rest of the hospital), yet. Her hospital has 120 patients on vents and a freezer truck outside for bodies. If our daughter-in-law gets (more likely every day) floated our son is worried about us being exposed to a positive. All of us were sick end of February – was it Wuhan? I’ve been worried about me giving the virus to my darling granddaughter.

    A very small number of us is not going to make it. Best to be spiritually prepared. I’m getting really tired of washing my hands.

  3. Going to the 90,000 can die during a bad seasonal flu season,

    I saw that the IMHE, our hard at work Top. Modelers. have lowered their total deaths guesstimate from 93,531 to 81,766.

    So maybe this is comparable to a really bad seasonal flu after all. At least in terms of mortality.

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