Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Ursulina of Parma

Daughter of Peter and Veneri Bertolina. At age 11 she was healed from a serious illness through the intercession of Saint Peter Martyr. At age 15, after having received a vision, she made a pilgrimage to Avignon, France to plead with anti-Pope Clement VII (Robert of Geneva) to resign in order to end the Western schism; when he refused, she travelled to Rome, Italy to ask Pope Boniface IX to resign for the same reason; when he refused, she returned to Avignon and made the same plea to Clement VI again. Benedictine Oblate nun, noted by her superiors for her deep spirituality and devotion to the contemplative life. Pilgrim to the Holy Lands in 1396. She stopped off in Venice, Italy on the way home and made such an impression that a monastery there was later dedicated to her, and civic leaders promoted her canonization.

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