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  1. If you look at the news organ (and that term can be interpreted anyway you want), USA Today, from which this quote comes, then one should not be surprised. But do I read USA Today or the NY Times or the Washington Post?

  2. Similarly, the NYC lie factories are screaming that the number of NYC deaths is now more than 9/11. What does that have to do with anything?

    Worse news: NYC Wuhan Flu deaths are heavier among blacks and minorities: prevalence of asthma, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, smoking, etc.

  3. T. Shaw-
    if the muttering I’m getting is right, prevalence of inability to pay for treatment is also a major risk factor for being diagnosed with the WuFlu.

  4. “prevalence of inability to pay for treatment is also a major risk factor for being diagnosed with the WuFlu.”
    Wouldn’t surprise me, Foxfier. There also is a lot of chatter out there about how the reporting of causes of death, already suspect because of the agendas at work, is being skewed even more because the hospitals have cut off their own sources of most of their income–elective surgeries, etc.–to prepare for a flood of patients that hasn’t materialized in most places. Add to that the fact of the “stimulus” targeting financial grants to hospitals according to the number of WuFlu cases they treat, and voila…totally false numbers all over the place.

  5. Re Battlefield dead vs car accidents, plane crashes, COVID19,etc., the media loves to make comparisons. .The comparisons are mostly illogical. I’m cannot remember when this trend started, but it really gripes me or gives me a good laugh at the writer’s expense. There are others like adding by lines to news stories. I guess at least we know who the idiot author is. News stories that are opinion pieces without a by line that should be in the Op. Ed. pages. Politics on the sport page. Lastly “anonymous sources say”.

  6. A MN d0ctorr interviewed on an Ingraham April 8 episode about cause of death statistics and death certificates said that the hospital gets $13,000 for an inpatient diagnosed with COVID19 and if put on a ventilator another $35k! Wish I could remember the man’s name.
    The stats are very low about 12% for deaths by only COVID19, no underlying ailments. Not sure if that was for his state, his hospital or what. I’ve heard other doctors mention a number close.

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