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  1. You don’t have to be a Biden brain to have a hard time finding your car in the three tier garage.

  2. I’ve long believed that Joe , if elected, will remain just an embarrassing figurehead and other persons/forces will actually be running the nation. That might be the “Val Jarrett/Obama administration” model, or the left will do their move with a VP who the left really wants.

  3. Demented Joe will be an embarrassing front man. The climate hoax billionaires, party bosses, donors, lobbyists, et al will run what’s left of our country.

    I already saw a Facebook post on the China Joe election.

    The Manchurian media et al will discount the many weaknesses and the credible #MeToo [it was all BS from day-one] rape victim because this election is about who replaces RBG [and China Rules].

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