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  1. In all honesty, it has not been bad at all, and there is a lot to like about what is going on around me-sun is shining, spring is coming, and a lot more people are walking around the neighborhood. Husband and kids (plus 1) are all home–I always wanted to try the “living in community” lifestyle I’ve heard my boys talk about. We, personally, have not been hit either by Covid19 nor unemployment. So far the small businesses I frequent are all open (except for one).
    And I suspect I am not alone in my relative comfort–because why else would one be accused of preferring money over people’s lives if one suggests that we really need to get back to work?
    I am a little surprised the collapse of good chunk of the medical industry has gone nearly unmentioned. USA Today had an article a few days ago and so too did The New York Times, but it certainly is not anything I see on FB or hear The Medical Experts mention.
    I think GregB asked how much healthcare a destroyed economy can support. Not very much at all, it appears.

  2. About the only good thing is my husband is home, and our governor isn’t one of the idiots insisting you stay inside.
    Still can’t take the kids anywhere, but it’s because noplace is open, not because we’ve been told to stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

  3. DJH-
    I’m startled it’s showing up in the news, finally. A couple of weeks ago, Sarah at According To Hoyt was mentioning how she was hearing about nurses being laid off because there’s simply no demand for their services.

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