Laws That Are Impossible to Enforce Won’t Be

And laws that people feel morally fine violating will be.

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  1. I’m hoping the contempt and anger folks like these are feeling towards these edicts will translate into some housecleaning the next time these governors and mayors try for re-election.

  2. I’d like to hope that too, but I’m expecting more of the same. Too many think it’s the government’s job to take care of people.

  3. We’ve also seen what photojournolists can do with telephoto lenses. So maybe it’s crowed, or maybe it’s only as crowded as a beach full of families/groups etc. trying to stay 6 ft. apart can be.

  4. Unfortunately contempt for bad laws can stimulate contempt for law itself in fallen human nature.

  5. sic semper tyrannis

    I Did a search and found that the NY Soviet Socialist Republic does not have a statute for recalling the governor.

    Not to worry, already a lawsuit alleges that Cuomama staged a “bloodless coup” denying New Yorkers of their Constitutional rights. Il Duce should be slammed by [at least] 10,000 law suits from business owners whose businesses were bankrupted by his illogical, unconstitutional diktats.

  6. The morale in the NYPD right now is at rock bottom, according to a family member of mine who is in his fifth year on the force. It has been dropping ever since Bolshevik Bill DeBlasio became mayor and has really fallen off the cliff since the Virus Follies began. The city administration has shown open contempt for the police department throughout this farce.
    Of course, there are always a certain number of people who make it through screening and through training to become cops who are there primarily to lord it over the people they are sworn to protect. But those are usually a small minority in a big city police department. There are also some who are dyed-in-the-wool leftists, and it would be an interesting psychological study to find out what makes someone with a world view like that become a cop. But by and large, I believe it is fair to say that most front-line cops are on the more conservative side of the political ledger.

    This makes for an intriguing and potentially dangerous situation with the current edicts of people like DeBlasio and Newsom and Pritzker, because conservatives tend to respect authority and believe obeying orders is necessary. But they also believe orders must be lawful, and they take very seriously their promise to protect the citizenry. Most cops are reluctant to arrest someone if it strikes them as unfair to do so. We have already seen a number of elected sheriffs making it clear they have no intention of arresting people despite “orders” given by their state governors or unelected bureaucrats. There are almost certainly a significant number of front-line cops in big cities who will exercise the same sort of discretion if they can.
    What will that mean for New York City? One very possible scenario is that many thousads of people will flock to the beaches in defiance of DeBlasio’s bluster. If that happens, would DeBlasio actually order cops to don riot gear and physically beat people and drag them out of the water and away from the beaches? Probably. But would enough cops actually follow such orders to make it stick, and effectively put the people back under DeBlasio’s control? Nobody really knows, but my family member doesn’t think so. I hope Bolshevik Bill reconsiders his attitude, but he’s a pretty stubborn and narcissistic sort, so I doubt that will happen. We all should pray for the avoidance of violent confrontations at all the Blue State beaches this weekend.

  7. [W]ould DeBlasio actually order cops to don riot gear and physically beat people and drag them out of the water and away from the beaches?

    Trump can only hope so.

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