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  1. A villain I have always had a bit of liking for. He said that when fascism came to America it would be called anti-fascism, or words to that effect. A politician on the eloquence level of FDR or Reagan. If he had lived he would have had a major impact on our history, almost all bad I suspect.

  2. John Harington, “Treason doth never prosper: What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

    Seneca, “Successful and fortunate crime is called ‘virtue.'”

  3. Like some that weaponized the me-too movement weren’t really interested in accusations if there was evidence and a democrat involved…. or those who weren’t interested in who was wearing blackface if there was a democrat involved…. or those who really weren’t interested in promoting women in politics if those women were republican… or those who really weren’t interested in government abuse of power if it involved a former democratic president.

    A pattern emerges.

  4. Note:
    Masked young men assaulting people and breaking stuff while carrying improvised weapons they are quite willing to deploy if you might photograph them unflatteringly:
    totally OK.
    Mostly unmasked mostly but not entirely men of a variety of ages lawfully carrying weapons and causing zero damage, some of whom wave at the hyperventilating photographers, actively protesting a gov’t official trying to grant powers the office does not possess:
    horror terror run away!

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