May 20, 2020: US Death Toll

Just to keep track of the nonsense that has wrecked our economy and generally made our politicians run around as if their fool heads were on fire, each day I publish the corona virus total death toll in the US based upon the latest data I can find.  A single death is an immense tragedy if you love the person.  However, we are not talking about love, but rather public policy, which should always involve a sober analysis of risk and cost.  Please recall that in a bad normal flu year our death toll in the US can be as high as 90,000.


Note:  this will be a total death toll since the beginning of this bad farce, and not a daily toll.  As of the beginning of May 20 the claimed, as suspect as that claim is, death toll is 93,533.  May the Perpetual Light shine upon them.


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  1. Heard that a lot of states are now going to go through their deaths to “re-evaluate” them, after a few high profile cases like the guy who died of alcohol poisoning, several drug overdoses, and a guy who was shot were listed as “COVID-19.”

  2. My diocese put up an announcement with a plan to reopen masses.

    Clicking on the link gets you a 404 error.

    I’m sure it’s a technical problem that will be resolved in few days, but the error seemed incredibly appropriate.

  3. Though on the flip side of things it looks like the bishops are finally pushing back against Walz. I have a copy of the letter, but I can’t find a place it is posted online. So I’ll just post some choice quotes:

    “The bishops of Minnesota are united in our conviction that we can safely resume public
    Masses in accordance with both our religious duties and with accepted public health and safety
    standards. We can worship in a way that reflects both the love of God and the love of our
    neighbors (cf. Mark 12:30-31). Therefore, we are giving our parishes permission for the
    resumption of the public celebration of Mass on Tuesday, May 26, which will give us time to be
    ready for the celebration of Pentecost on May 31. ”

    “Our decision to suspend the public celebration of Mass was painful. We made that
    decision not because we were compelled to do so, but because we judged that the
    circumstances required it. We believe that those circumstances have changed, as confirmed by
    the Governor’s decision to end the Stay-at-Home order and allow more commerce. It is now
    permissible for an unspecified number of people to go to shopping malls and enter stores, so
    long as no more than 50 percent of the occupancy capacity is reached. Big-box stores have
    hundreds of people inside at any one time, and the number of goods that are being handled
    and distributed in one store by many people—stock staff, customers, cashiers—is astounding.
    Workers are present for many hours per day, often in close proximity. There is no state
    mandate that customers wear masks in those malls or stores, wash their hands consistently, or
    follow any specific cleaning protocol. In these circumstances, and given the well-researched
    protocols that we have proposed (and that are being followed successfully elsewhere in our
    nation) how can reason require us any longer to keep our faithful from the Eucharist? ”

    ” An order that sweeps so broadly that it prohibits, for example, a
    gathering of 11 people in a Cathedral with a seating capacity of several thousand defies reason.
    Therefore, we have chosen to move forward in the absence of any specific timeline laid out by
    MN Bishops Letter to Walz Administration
    Governor Walz and his Administration. ”

    The plan for reopening masses will still have strict restrictions, far stricter than I think is necessary. But the bishops are openly defying Governor Walz’s order, which was that no Church can ever have more than 10 people in it. That is far more than I expected them to do.

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