The Incredible Trump

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Trump revealed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine, but it appears he may have overdone it as he has transformed into a giant orange mutant.

Trump had gone down to the science lab in the basement of the White House and demanded more hydroxychloroquine. “You’ve already had one hydroxychloroquine today,” the inventor of the drug, Dr. Bob Hydroxychloroquine, told him. He was chained to the workstation, being forced to cook up more and more of the drug for the president. 

“Yes, but what about second hydroxychloroquine?” Trump said, grabbing a beaker of a bubbling blue substance from the scientist. “I love this stuff!”

“My gosh,” the horrified scientist muttered, taking off his glasses. “No mortal can handle that much!” The researcher tried to flee but was yanked back by his chains, knocking over an experimental gamma ray gun that fired straight at Trump’s face.

“Power… unlimited power!” bellowed Trump as he began to grow in size, his persimmon skin turning orange as his suit ripped off from his newfound giant muscles. “TRUMP ANGRY! TRUMP SMASH!”

Go here to read the rest.  As always the President’s adversaries should be wary about getting him angry.  They won’t like it when he is angry.

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  1. Good for Trump for advocating hydroxychloroquine and for wanting to make Covid-19 vaccination optional. We should view anything coming from Dr Fauci and Bill Gates has highly questionable if not satanic.

  2. Making a Babylon Bee article share space with panels from a Tom Tomorrow “comic”?

    What did the Bee ever do to you, Don? 😉

  3. yeah, Trump shreds all signs of propriety. Not Blue Dress Bill Clinton, not JFK and Marilyn Monroe, not FDR and his mistress….just Trump.

    Leftists izz so dummmmmm!

    Tom Tomorrow, a brain dead slug to the left of Stalin and Mao, fears Trump. His hero, the shrinking violet Obumbler, who would cry if an eight year old girl slapped him in his face, is Tom Tomorrow’s hero.

  4. Tom Tomorrow was the embodiment of “The Left can’t Meme” long before that phrase even came into existence.

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