Free State v. Police State


One of the more frightening aspects of the current virus debacle is how quickly free states around the globe have been transformed into police states.  I would prefer ten plagues to this.  I hold to the old faith in liberty proclaimed by men like Patrick Henry and I will be hanged if I will see it lost in this generation to suit the whims of corrupt and power mad politicians.  Rant off.


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  1. Are not lockdowns unconstituional? There should never be another lockdown as we now see how the government abuse them. And this should be another reason never, ever vote for a Democrat as they were the worst offenders.

  2. Quarantine is one of the few routes for locking someone up when they didn’t do anything wrong– and this BS is burning up the “well, anybody could be infected” argument pretty ****ed well.
    I fully expect to see a lot of lawsuits, and possibly the establishment of individual trials for quarantine.

  3. I’m not surprised that most people have accepted the shifting goal posts. Most people do not pay close attention to the reasons behind policies, except on an emotional level (eg. “these things need to happen because the disease is scary”).

    What does surprise me is the number of people I encounter that have already swallowed the “we have to have severe restrictions until there is a vaccine” line. I would have expected people to be fine with a few more weeks, but not a year.

    (Of course, if there isn’t pushback even the vaccine goalposts will be moved. If we even do get a vaccine in a year, which is far from certain, we will be the lines “we need to wait until most of the population is vaccinated” and “we need to wait to determine that the vaccine is effective on a large scale.”)

  4. Ug. You may have seen on the news two (actually, three) dams have failed in Michigan. I’m one in that 10,000 or 11,000. A stat.
    Try social distancing when hauling junk out the basement. And right now waders are in short supply. I “can’t” purchase a pair of Simms (high end stuff) from the fly fishing SB downtown, but hey, go to Wal-mart, fight the panic stricken crowd.
    I am thankful I am at a hotel and not the high school “shelter”. Moving in with friends tomorrow.

  5. Well, I don’t know that we are actually any closer to seeing the Mass celebrated in the Diocese of Rockford, where my bride and I like to spend the summer to escape the Texas heat, but we do have an amazing example of ecclesial bureaucracy and continued submission, without apparent protest, to the whims of “civil authorities.” I rarely find myself at a loss for words, but reading this document very nearly gets me there. And this is only the “executive summary.”
    Lord have mercy.

  6. Lawyers are running the pandemic show in the US. My guess is most bishops are afraid of law suits harking back to the molestation cover ups. So the bishops follow the punitive, anti-freedom of religion emergency orders and phases of power hungry governors.
    Some of the diocesan phases are even more stringent than those of the governors. The bishops of Minnesota may be the only exception to defying a governor.
    Our bishop won’t allow outside Masses celebrated either vehicular or on foot with 6′ social distancing. Outside everyone can attend services. Inside no. Attendance is rationed by lottery . The parish priests will take heat from angry parishioners left out. It seems inside the church building breathing recycled air is deemed healthier for the attendees as opposed to fresh air outside. My husband and I are over 60. The hall where we attend Mass is small, with low ceilings, a poor ventilation system, and sealed windows. I will continue to stream a high Mass from a cathedral in Louisiana and send my donations south. My husband will donate to our parish quarterly.

  7. DJH, Praying for you in this difficult time.
    According to news stories two dams had multiple safety violations which the Michigan state government apparently ignored. Gov. Wittmer should tear herself away from Democratic VP photo ops and focus on aiding displaced residents such as yourself. Catholic Charities should be helping also.

  8. Rudolph-
    I don’t think most folks HAVE accepted the moved goalposts.

    I think the noisy people have.

    This is based in part on seeing the swarming behavior on Facebook, where any resistance has five or ten very nasty responses and as soon as a supportive one is made, the whole thing vanishes.

    That is not the behavior of an overwhelming consensus. That’s the behavior of an insecure power trying to hold on. Similar to what Rush did on radio– he didn’t change folks’ minds, he let people know they weren’t really alone.

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