Granny Killers


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

ATLANTA, GA—CNN has praised Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “brilliant” nursing home strategy as it ended in the deaths of thousands of senior citizens, who skew conservative and Republican.

The station’s hosts said that forcing nursing home residents to admit COVID-19 patients was a “stroke of genius” that all other state governors really should start looking into.

“A genius move, brother,” said Chris Cuomo as he interviewed Andrew Cuomo, which is not weird or biased at all. “Really inspired. How do you come up with it? You’re so great.”

“Aw, shucks,” said Andrew Cuomo. “Stop it!”

“No, you stop it.”

“You stop it!”

This went on for some time before the brothers argued at length over who would hang up first.

Go here to read the rest.  When assessing the body count of the Wuhan Flu it should always be remembered that large numbers of the killed in many states were victims of a deliberate policy of sending Covid-19 patients to nursing homes.  The deaths resulting were completely foreseeable from the beginning of this debacle.  If we had a media worthy of the term, holy hell would be raised about this now from coast to coast.  It is estimated that one-third of the total deaths from Covid-19 across the country came in nursing homes and most of them were as a result of deliberate government policy.  Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, under consideration apparently by Joe Biden to be his running mate, is, incredibly, continuing with this policy.  Go here to read about it.  Imagine if instead of the ludicrous national lockdown polices followed,  we had focused our energy on protecting the residents of nursing homes from being exposed.  Something to remember next time if we are to gain anything from this debacle.

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  1. One has to wonder how much the government paid the nursing homes for this “legalized” euthanasia. They certainly should have known the ramifications of Cuomo’s move.

  2. This was all entirely foreseeable, and thus, purposeful. Any child would have known better once it was explained to them. The charge is manslaughter.

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