PopeWatch: Meanwhile, Back in Italy

Thank heavens the secular authorities Italy haven’t required that Catholics paint their bottoms blue, because virus.  If they did, PopeWatch suspects the gang at the Vatican would go along with it:

But the sight of priests distributing Holy Communion wearing disposable gloves and masks caused some consternation on social media and elsewhere. A few supported it, welcoming the new measures as, “wonderful” and adding it was “so good to receive sacraments while ensuring life protections.”

But others have strongly opposed it. “How sad!” commented one. “This is a total disrespect and mistrust in Our Lord,” said another. Others wrote to remind the Church in Italy that the “Eucharist is God,” and that it is “such an appalling sight! May God forgive us.”

Simona, a Rome citizen, expressed her disapproval and asked why the rule applies to receiving the Host but the “same rule isn’t applied in grocery stores or the pasticcerie [pastry shop].” Similar arguments were made about suspending public Masses while supermarkets were allowed to be open throughout the lockdown.

She told the Register it was probably because they were “thinking of precautions that doctors make because of their contact with bodies.” But applied here, she said “such a precaution effectively denies the sacrality of the Eucharist, it denies his Body and Blood.”

Priests in Rome have said privately they are very unhappy about the disposable gloves rule but worry about going against it for fear of sanctions by the police. Of particular concern is what happens to the disposable gloves after they have touched the Lord in the Sacred Host.

The Italian bishops are also suggesting tweezers be used but a possible alternative and arguably more acceptable suggestion being proposed is to cut the large, pre-consecrated hosts into strips rather than distribute the usual disc-shaped Hosts, and have the communicant receive Communion on the tongue. This would prevent both the minister of Communion coming into contact with the communicant, as well as avoid the communicant having to touch their hands or their mouth and face.

Go here to read the rest.  Don’t think the civil authorities around the globe haven’t paid close attention to how the leadership of the Church were pushovers during this debacle.  They will expect the same in future Church-State conflicts.

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  1. “Don’t think the civil authorities around the globe haven’t paid close attention to how the leadership of the Church were pushovers during this debacle. ”
    Yes. This entire debacle appears to be nothing more than a test run to see how far authorities can push people; how many personal freedoms they will give up and how much money it will cost to achieve it. Currently the answer to that last point is an extra $600 a week.

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